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Ok, I used to be a big Billy Joel fan and recently I stumbled across an article that mentioned an FM recording of a concert he gave at CW Post College in 1977. Trying bittorrent for the first time (actually used this client), I downloaded this show. Fantastic quality for a fantastic show during a fantastic period of his career.
item: Billy Joel - CW Post 1977 date: Sunday November 27th 2005
this album is truely amazing. A real pity that The Sheila Divine broke up. If you get a chance, Aaron Perrino's new band Dear Leader is rockin'. Liane and I saw them in concert at the paradise in Boston. Great show and they even covered one of my favorite Smiths song ("There's a light that never goes out").
item: New Parade - The Sheila Divine date: Friday November 25th 2005
check out acoustic performances from evan dando (the former lemonheads singer). the item link goes to a cd of a concert...not sure if it is acoustic...I have found a couple of bootlegged acoustic shows so keep looking...they are truely amazing.
item: live evan dando date: Saturday November 12th 2005
check out this 2005 debut album from the bravery. it will make you believe that rock is not dead.

favorite songs: An honest mistake, the ring song (used to be titled, no rings on these fingers)

item: the bravery date: Saturday November 12th 2005
amazing 3 cd set from the magnetic fields. The idea 69 songs about love. The first song starts with "a" (Absolutely Cuckoo) and the last starts with "z" (Zebra). Convinced yet? Also, Highly rated on pitchfork.
item: 69 Love Songs date: Saturday November 12th 2005