Liane painfully looked through all our New Zealand pictures to find the gems.
item: Our trip to New Zealand date: Sunday June 5th 2011
We had a lot of fun in Germany. We visited family and friends in the north and hit some new sites in the south
item: Germany 2009 date: Sunday May 24th 2009
A little late at getting these pictures up, but we had a wonderful time in Germany during the last holidays. We got a chance to hang out with Liane's friends and family. During the time in Germany, we snuck away to Vienna for 3 days. It was a blast!
item: Germany and Vienna date: Monday July 14th 2008
We attended a wedding in Germany for one of Liane's best friends. It was an amazing time! The couple live an hour outside of Berlin on a horse farm. On the way back, we stayed 5 nights in London which was a blast.
item: Germany & London date: Tuesday June 24th 2008
Yes, my parents are getting a new dog. Very exciting stuff. Last weekend we went to visit the breeder...we got a chance to play with the full litter (eight poodle puppies at seven weeks). Cause they move around a lot, it was hard to get good pics...
item: Puppies! date: Thursday May 8th 2008
Went to Portland Oregon for business over the summer. A fun conference where I learned a lot and got a chance to catch up with old friends. I also got a chance to play some chess downtown before I left town.
item: Portland 2007 date: Monday October 8th 2007
Every year the guys find a spot in the summer to go for a weekend. This year we went to Burlington Vermont. It was a load of fun! The best part was kayaking on the lake.
item: Guys Weekend in Burlington date: Monday October 8th 2007
Very slow in getting this collection online. Liane and I went to Evanston for a wedding in the spring. It was the first time that she had been there. It was a lot of fun to catch up with old friends and to see how the campus has changed. It is too bad that I never spent a summer there as the campus is soooo beautiful.
item: Liane Visits Evanston for the First Time date: Tuesday September 11th 2007
Liane and I packed our bags for a fun weekend in New York City. We ate at nice restaurants, watched a Mets game, went to the Met, and met up with a lot of fun people. I always tell myself I should get down to "the City" more often. I mean it is soooo close. This year we made it twice...a new record for me.
item: Weekend in NYC! date: Tuesday July 17th 2007
Liane and I "discovered" this pond near where we live. I guess I knew about it but had not been for a long time. We saw turtles, herons and geese. The pond has a nice walking path that everyone should check out.
item: Hall's Pond date: Tuesday July 17th 2007
Liane and I decided to trade in the Boston weather for the beaches of the Bahamas. We spent 2 nights on New Providence and 5 nights on Grand Bahama. Lots of sun and lots of Peas N' Rice (I will pretend I didn't know there was pig fat in it).
item: The Bahamas! date: Sunday July 1st 2007
So, it was a lazy Saturday morning and I was helping Liane with a problem with gimp when I discovered a cool tutorial. I told Liane to keep out for a little bit as I was going to show her something cool. When I showed it to her she said "I already know how to do it and I already used the technique in our Paris pictures". Well I was impressed with myself. The page that I followed is here.
item: Paul can do image effects date: Saturday June 2nd 2007
A little lazy getting these up, but we went to the Arnold Arboretum last fall to see the lovely colors.
item: Arnold Arboretum date: Sunday April 1st 2007
A little lazy getting these up, but here are some pictures taken whe we just moved into our condo last Aug. Pretty cool feeling to finally own something.
item: Our Condo date: Sunday April 1st 2007
My uncle just got this small furry cute ball of fun. We went over to visit her recently and had a lot of fun. When we were outside in the backyard, Siena made sure we were all together. She would bark whenever one of us left the group. She will make a good herder. My uncle's friend (who is a professional photographer) took some pictures which can be viewed here.
item: Meet Siena the Old English Sheepdog puppy date: Saturday January 13th 2007
We visiting Liane's hometown for the holidays with a nice 4 day layover in Paris!
item: Hanover & Paris 2006 date: Saturday January 13th 2007
On my way back from OSCON, I met up with my brother in Chicago and we did the El Loop Tour. Here are the pics from it. I highly recommend this tour. Afterwords, I went back to the U of C campus and saw a statue which commemorated the site of the first nuclear chain reaction.
item: Chicago 2006 - El Loop date: Monday August 7th 2006
Here are the pictures from our second adventure to Greece. This time we spent one week driving the midlands of the country and one week relaxing at Liane's Parent's House. It was kitten season at their house and we had the pleasure of watching a litter of 4 making their first kitten steps.
item: Greece 2006 date: Wednesday July 12th 2006
We had the pleasure to watch a black cat named Oliver during the long weekend. Liane and I have a soft spot for these suckers
item: Oliver date: Monday July 3rd 2006
we watched our next door neighbors cat, Charly, for a couple of weeks. It was a lot of fun to know such a cutie lived so close by
item: Charly date: Wednesday May 24th 2006