We don't go to the theater enough! I enjoy modern works (no Shakespeare for me). We were lucky enough to catch Ronan Noone's The Atheist. It was very enjoyable. It starred Campbell Scott (from The Secret Lives of Dentists) as the only character :) I cannot wait to see my next Noone.
item: The Atheist date: Monday January 21st 2008
On the same day that we saw the Gropius House, we also checked out the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park. We took some pictures which hopefully one day we will put it. We highly recommend checking out the park in the summer!
item: DeCordova Sculpture Park date: Monday January 21st 2008
Over the summer (yeah we are a little slow updating the site), we had the pleasure of visiting the Gropius House. I knew nothing about the house or the architect (Liane of course knew a lot about him). The house is amazing. If you are interested in seeing a house that will make you think, go check it out!
item: Gropius House date: Monday January 21st 2008
Here are some pictures my brother took of Millennium Park after a recent snow fall. My favorite one is here. The train lover in me loves this one.
item: Millennium Park in the winter date: Sunday December 11th 2005
Neat website where the owner draws pictures based upon titles he is sent from people. Check out this one or this one or even this one.
item: Exploding Dog date: Sunday December 11th 2005
So when I am bored, I scour friend's sites finding pictures of myself...ok I don't do that often, but I did it for 10 minutes tonight. Biren's picture gallery uses a very neat skin. The link is a picture of Liane and I from his last birthday party. In case you are really bored here is another picture you should not miss.
item: who is that lovely couple? date: Thursday December 1st 2005
I took Liane to Chicago this summer (don't believe me look here) and we went out for Korean BBQ with some old friends (Al, Juan and Paul D) and their girlfriends. Al was nice enough to snag some pictures at the restaurant. Check out his silevitch tag on flickr.
item: yummy korean bbq date: Friday November 25th 2005
link to picture gallerys on Biren's cool site. We used to work together at Jenzabar many moons ago.
item: old school jenzabar pictures date: Thursday November 24th 2005
liane's lovely website
item: date: Sunday November 6th 2005
a free service to compare online book prices that I developed. I hope you find it useful.
item: priceowl date: Sunday November 6th 2005