Liane and I witness a no-hitter!!! I had been meaning to take Liane to a Red Sox game all season. She has only been to a handful of games (and I have been to too many to count). In the 6th inning Liane wanted to go to the bathroom! I tried to tell her she couldn't with out telling her why. I pointed to the scoreboard hoping she would understand. You see what is going on? Anyway, she thought I was crazy and *gasp* went to the bathroom. I followed her and waiting outside the bathroom in front of a tv. I screamed with every out. Shaking my hand at the tv while thinking to myself that we might get away with this. We left our seats in a no-hitter and it didn't screw anything up :) Here is a link to the box score.
topic: baseball  item: Liane and I witness a no-hitter!!! date: Sunday September 16th 2007